A secure e-mail platform that offers end-to-end encryption for businesses and individual users


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Protonmail is an encrypted email service that affords individuals and organizations full ownership and control over their email data.

The service basically works by providing end-to-end email encryption for the sole purpose of defending people’s right to privacy. Protonmail email service does not allow nagging ads intrusions nor does it entertain the thought of abusing user data. It is essentially a privacy-centered service whose lifeline is user privacy.

Features of Protonmail

Deployment support

Protonmail is fully supported across diverse platforms such as the cloud, Software-as-a-Service platform as well as web-based platforms. It also perfectly launches on various mobile software such as Android, iPhone and iPad, making a versatile service.

Technical user support

Protonmail offers responsive user support in form of mail chats that allow a user to file any arising bug reports.

User onboarding

A beginner in Protonmail can opt for live online tutorials to get a glimpse of the functionality of the mail service. Unfortunately, Protonmail does not offer more flexibility in this feature.

Flexible packages

Protonmail service comes in various user friendly payment packages that are also coupled with exceptional features in terms of storage, domain quantity, message quantity as well as multiple-level support accessibility.

Anti-spam incorporation

Protonmail service comes enabled with an anti-spam filters that deal with any unwanted or junk mails attempting to gain access to your inbox. This feature ensures you receive only the relevant and meaningful mails.

Anti-virus integration

The integrated anti-virus feature in Protonmail service ensures all outgoing as well as incoming emails are thoroughly scanned for any potential malwares, and if any are found, ruthlessly dealt with.

Email attachment protection

The Protonmail encryption process ensures the integrity of all your email attachments is highly safeguarded, be it high-value manuscripts, research projects, or just company proprietary information.

End-to-end encryption

This feature in Protonmail ensures all manner of communication or data exchange is highly secured and effectively serves to get any intermediaries out of the way.

Blacklisting and whitelisting

This timely feature allows a Protonmail user to easily classify their mail list into acceptable and unacceptable recipient categories and take any appropriate actions thereafter.

Pros of Protonmail

  • Protonmail provide a relatively greater capacity to attach files.
  • Provides highly effective anti-spam filters that makes it good for children also.
  • Offers exceptional privacy features, as it does not store your information or IP addresses.
  • It comes with a completely customizable user platform.
  • Has an integrated VPN service that ensures interaction with secure and reliable IP addresses.
  • Has an embedded ability to encrypt messages between users.
  • Proton mail service charges a minimal annual flat fee, which does not fluctuate.
  • They offer a limited free trial for beginners to wrap their way around the service.
  • Works well with other email software.
  • Ideal for security-conscious professions such as the highly sensitive healthcare profession.
  • Flexible packages and payment plans.

Cons of Protonmail

  • Restricts the number of aliases one can create under their domains.
  • Offers little storage compared to other email services.
  • Does not come with a free version.
  • Does not offer phone support for technical issues, just email support.
  • Presents a rather technical outlay for non tech-savvy people due to the VPN set-ups.
  • Does not provide tutorials or guides for new users.
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